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"Revue E tijdschrift" is the periodic academic publication of SRBE/KBVE. It is published on a regular basis and contains articles in French, Dutch or English.

While the content of each issue is in principle focused on a particular theme, chosen by the Publications Committee, whose coordinator ensures the homogeneity of the texts, the Journal also publishes other articles on key topics such as:

  • Summaries of research and other work that has been honoured by various awards (SRBE/KBVE Award, Robert Sinave Prize, IBE Award, ...);
  • Reports on companies and product in the field of electricity active in Belgium;
  • General papers presented during the Study Days or by specialized authors;
  • Information on the activities of SRBE/KBVE or of its sister associations

"Revue E tijdschrift" aims primarily at two primary interconnected goals:

  • Informing its readers by providing them with knowledge in an approachable style;
  • Providing a forum where researchers, teachers, engineers and industrialists can publish their work.

The journal is primarily aimed at energy professionals, but anyone interested in the domain of energy can find useful information.

"Revue E tijdschrift" is affiliated to the Union of Belgian Technical Journals.

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Revue E tijdschrift 2022 (08):

HVDC systems
Roles, Evolutions, Perspectives, Integration and Challenges

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