Seminar: Flexibility from Power Consumption, Generation and Markets

From : Tuesday, December 10, 2019
To : Tuesday, December 10, 2019
Venue : Elia, Keizerslaan 20, Boulevard de l'Empereur, 1000 Brussels


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Because of the energy-transition, the conventional Belgian production parc will be replaced more and more by renewable energy sources.

These sources are variable, are less predictable and are dispersed in the transmission- and distribution networks.

In the future, the flexibility of supply and demand will be essential to evade congestions on the network and to keep supply and demand in balance.

Will there, at any moment, be enough resources available to assure this need for flexibility?

And which ones will this be? Will the new sources of flexibility, such as Demand Respons and renewable energy, play a role or will the major part of the flexibility be provided by the traditional power stations, among which thermical power stations?

What changes in the market rules could stimulate the development of new sources of flexibility?

To answer these questions, KBVE/SRBE invites you to this seminar where the most important players from this sector will share their experiences and vision according to 4 themes:

1. How big are the needs for flexibility in Belgium and Europe?

2. What means are available to satisfy these needs and what is the optimal mix? 

3. What incentives are possible to have developed new capacities and sources of flexibility?

4. Do the current means as energy markets, markets for supporting services and the conditions for connection to the network have to be adapted? 

This seminar is the perfect opportunity for the stakeholders of the energy transition to exchange thoughts with the experts in these matters.

08:30 Participant's welcome
09:00 Introduction by Jean-Pierre Bécret, President of the Scientific & Technic Committee of the KBVE-SRBE
09:05 Introduction by Bérénice Crabs, SYNERGRID, President of this Seminar
  Context and General Principles:
09:15 Services for providing flexibility in Belgium: regulatory framework and winter 2018-2019 as case study
  Marijn Maenhoudt, CREG
09:50 Flexibility needs and means for Belgium towards 2030
  Kristof De Vos, ELIA
10:25 DSOs & flexibility - from EU vision to concrete realisations in Belgium
  Marc Malbrancke, CEDEC & SYNERGRID
10:50 Questions & Answers
11:05 Coffee Break
  Flexibility of Consumption Units:
11:35 Valorization of flexibility of consumption units
  Héloïse Hoyos, N-side
12:00 Ervaring met demand side management bij Sappi Lanaken
  Christiaan Geers, SAPPI
12:25 Stap voor stap naar een supply en demand side energiemanagement by Aqaufin
  Bart Ryckaert, Aquafin
12:50 Questions & Answers
13:05 Lunch
  Flexibility of Generation Units:
14:15 Reflections on the contribution of the different generation technologies to R2
  Alexandre Viviers, SIA Partners
14:40 Power Bidding in Day-ahead: Current and Future Challenges
  Yuruan Garcìa-Rangel, Engie
15:05 How Cogeneration combines CO2 emission reduction with Security of Supply and Flexibility in Power Generation
  Hans Vandersyppe, Cogen Vlaanderen
15:30 Questions & Answers
15:45 Coffee Break
  Tools to promote Flexibility:
16:15 Ongoing evolutions in the balancing market
  Pieter Vanbaelen, ELIA
16:40 Green Energy Park Zellik, first CO² neutral large scale microgrid
  Steven Van Deun, ABB
17:05 La gestion de la demande en Belgique : un vaste champ des possibles !
  Donald Gilbert, Centrica Business Solutions / REstore
17:30 Questions & Answers
17:50 Conclusions
18:00 Drink


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