Conference/Seminar: Contribution of Nuclear to the Energy Transition - 30/03/2023 - 09h30 - 16h30 and visit SCK CEN at Mol/Dessel - 31/03/2023 at 10h00

Du : Thursday, March 30, 2023
Au : Friday, March 31, 2023
Venue : Blue Point - Diamant building, Boulevard Auguste Reyers 80 - 1000 Brussels

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Ticket conf. Nuclear 30/03/2023 and visit Mol 31/03/2023. Member Prices after login adapts automatically from 100€ till 360€ €496 Acheter des billets 


March 2023, 30 & 31

Conference/Seminar March, 30 – 9h30 to 16h30

Blue Point - Bd Reyers, 80 - 1030 Brussels, Room Archimède

Visit March, 31 – 10h00 to 16h00: SCK-CEN at Mol

Lakehouse - Boeretang, 201 - 2400 Mol


As part of its activities, the KVBE-SRBE organizes several workshops to discuss technologies for the energy transition using electrical energy. The last event on 24 November 2022 highlighted the need for electricity to decarbonize industry including hydrogen production for industrial applications. In addition, the demand for electricity will increase as part of the electrification of transport as shown by our past event about e-mobility on 26/02/2019.

The KVBE-SRBE has decided to organize, in collaboration with SCK CEN and KVAB/ Reflectiegroep Energie, 2 days of reflection about the use of nuclear power in the coming decades to meet the demand for carbon-free energy in addition to Renewable Energies. This comprehensive seminar highlights all important aspects of the future of nuclear technologies and gets you up to speed on latest developments including Small Modular Reactor.

The organization is planning a brainstorming seminar in Brussels and a visit to the Belgian nuclear research center in Mol developing the MYRRHA and MINERVA projects.

With this event, the KVBE-SRBE intends to bring together all stakeholders on this topic covering the coming decades for a CO2-neutral society. This will concern all interested people as teachers, professors, students, specialists, engineers, business, industry and public stakeholders,… It will be complemented in 2023 by another KVBE-SRBE event relating to wind power, particularly offshore installation.

Program March,30 – 9h30/16h30

         Conferences at Blue Point – Diamant building - Brussels

         Chairman Patrick Hendrick, Prof. ULB – Head of Aero-Thermo-Mechanics Dpt



Welcome coffee




The contribution of nuclear to the energy transition, the context: Nathal Severijns – Prof. KULeuven


Studie die Energyville heeft uitgevoerd over de energievooruitzichten naar 2050 toe: Pieter Lodewijks - VITO


Nuclear and European Energy Policy – trends and challenges: Yvan Pouleur – EC/DG Energy


After 20 years, another nuclear renaissance?: Jan Vande Putte - GreenPeace


FGOV State of art horizon 2040: Alberto Fernandez – FPS Economy/DGE/ Nuclear application




Economische aspecten van nucleaire ontwikkelingen: François Boisseleau – Engie Belgium


Overview of nuclear technologies: Rafael Fernandez – SCK CEN


Comparative assessment of candidate reactor designs: Philippe Monette – Expert in nuclear technology


Focus on Small Modular Reactors – A vision from the industry: Anicet Touré - TRACTEBEL


Coffee pause (Courtesy of Tractebel)


Closing Fuel Cycle including P&T & SMRs; A game changer for nuclear energy:  Hamid Ait Abderrahim - General manager of MYRRHA


Round Table with the speakers and representatives of the civil society:

Criteria of the new nuclear technologies as drivers of the energy transition


Program March,31 – 10h/16h

Visit SCK CEN at Mol: Lakehouse - Boeretang, 201 - 2400 Mol

Organizers & sponsors: SCK CEN & MYRRHA         

  • The number of participants is limited to 50 persons (first in).


  •           Separate registration is required not later than 20/03 according to the link sent after your registration: 


10:00 Arrival & Welcome – Lakehouse / Boeretang 201 – 2400 Mol
10:15 Presentation SCK CEN & main research lines: Peter Baeten – Director General
10:45 Studie Presentation MYRRHA Large research infrastructure : Hamid AIT ABDERRAHIM – General Manager of MYRRHA
11:15 Presentation SMR initiative in Belgium : Marc SCHYNS - Institute Director Advanced Nuclear Systems
11:45 Q & A



Visit MYRRHA Heavy Liquid Metal Technology complex : Hamid AIT ABDERRAHIM – General Manager of MYRRHA

Since the start of the MYRRHA project, SCK CEN has implemented an extensive R&D program to support the development of the reactor. A strong R&D program has especially been developed on the use of lead-bismuth (LBE), a liquid metal alloy, as a coolant for the reactor.

Within this R&D program, SCK CEN has developed several facilities such as COMPLOT in which prototypes of control rods are tested. HEXACOM, combined with COMPLOT, tests the thermal dissipation of heat exchangers. MEXICO tests the oxygen regulation of LBE. With CRAFT, liquid metal corrosion on structural materials is tested. E-SCAPE studies the liquid and heat flows of LBE in the reactor vessel. RHAPTER verifies the utility of movable mechanical components in an LBE environment.

Beside the research program supporting the development of the MYRRHA reactor, work is also being performed on ISOL@MYRRHA, a facility for the production of new radioisotopes. The focus of this research program is on achieving a high level of efficiency and purity. For this research program, specific test facilities are being built and used in “Labo2”.

15:00 Drink, discussion and network
16:30 Closure





Max. 50 personen


General Manager of MYRRHA



Institute Director Advanced Nuclear Systems



 Fees participation


Members SRBE-KBVE and SEE – Members KVAB - members from public federal and regional services

360,00 EUR

Non members 

600,00 EUR

Teachers, professors

236,00 EUR

Young professionals (-30 year)

100,00 EUR

Students (- 26 year)

100,00 EUR

Retired professionals

100,00 EUR

Prices include taxes (21%)

The participants will receive the contributions of the seminar, access to coffee and refreshments, lunch and after drink and access to SCK-CEN. 


Visit to SCK-CEN is limited to 50 participants. The visit to the seminar has no limitations of attendees. For seminar only, a discount of 25% is applicable

Registration to the event by preference before the 20/03

For all questions regarding registrations, please contact us:

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