Seminar: AC/DC infrastructures @ sea - 17/05/2023 - 12h30 - 17h30

Du : Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Au : Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Venue : Blue Point - Diamant building, Boulevard Auguste Reyers 80 - 1000 Brussels

In partnership with: Sirris, Agoria, SRBE-KBVE, OWO Lab, Agoria

Reliable AC/DC infrastructures @sea

Join us and discover, as a world premiere, the Princess Elisabeth Island, its ambitions and innovations. Throughout our exciting programme you will learn from the experiences of our experts and gain insights into how to design, install and maintain electro-technical infrastructures, to ensure reliable operation in offshore environments.

How to accomplish reliable infrastructures in harsh environments at sea? This technical seminar, organised by Sirris, KBVE-SRBE, Agoria Energy Technology Club and OWI-Lab, will cover the challenges and best practices, with real-life examples

You will have the unique opportunity to discover the Princess Elisabeth Island, a world first in its kind,  the project of this energy island, its ambitions and innovations. As an international power hub connecting countries and offshore wind farms with AC and DC technologies, the energy island will play a vital role in the Belgian energy transition.

The seminar will also present several other expert speakers who will share their experiences and insights on how to design, install and maintain electro-technical infrastructure to ensure reliable operation in harsh environments such as offshore wind turbines.

Among the topics covered:

  • The AC and DC technologies connecting the energy hub
  • The importance of robust design and engineering to withstand extreme conditions for offshore energy assets
  • Strategies for mitigating the effects of extreme conditions
  • Best practices for monitoring, maintaining and servicing equipment in remote or difficult-to-access locations
  • Technologies and innovations at the energy island



12.30 h:

Registration & coffee

13.00 h:

Welcome & setting the scene of the seminar

13.20 h:

'AC and DC@ sea: the energy island and its role in the energy transition' – Elia

13.40 h:

Innovations and opportunities for the island - Energyville

14.00 h:

Design for reliability – case example EME

14.20 h:

Networking break

14.40 h:

Environmental testing: Lessons learned and new possibilities – Sirris

15.00 h:

Underwater risks and value of cable monitoring: sea dune monitoring, VIV, fatigue monitoring and earthquakes – Marlinks

15.20 h:


15.40 h:

Networking with food and drinks 

17.30 h:



Flemish companies and members of KBVE-SRBE pay 150 EUR, others pay 350 euro.

The number of available seats for this seminar is limited, so be quick to register and ensure your seat!

Need more information? Contact Pieter Jan Jordaens or Jan Declercq.

In partnership with: Sirris, Agoria, SRBE-KBVE, OWO Lab, Agoria

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